Clash of Clans

Developed by a Finland based company called Supercell and published in 2012, Clash of Clans is a MMO strategy video game developed for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Strategy based and revolving around the objectives of creating villages and taking control of powerful warriors to raid and pillage even while erecting defenses against attacks, Clash of Clans is available on iTunes and Google Play Store, free of charge, even though currency used inside the game can be purchased using real money.

The Game play

Within this online multiplayer game, players are empowered to create their own communities, train troops for battle and launch attacks against other players with the aim of earning treasures such s elixir and gold, items that are essential in creating defenses to protect one’s own village against attacks by another player.

While primarily multiplayer in its structure, Clash of Clans also avails a single player option, a campaign within which one must face off against powerfully fortified goblin villages whose defensive and offensive capabilities continue to grow with each battle.


Within the context of the game, a clan is formed when players come together to pool their trophies with the aim of raising a noteworthy challenge against other clans. The game allows clan members to communicate with each other within a private setting.

Within a given clan, members are ranked as Elder, leader, co-elder and member, with each clan capable of housing up to fifty members. Clan leaders boast the greatest amount of responsibility and have the power to not only invite players but to also accept and decline requests. They can also choose to step down and promote another player to the role of clan leader.

Co-leaders are those players that enjoy the trust of the leader within a clan and have the power to promote and demote players, on top of having a say about player requests to join the clan; their role and duties are of such importance that they shouldn’t be chosen without thorough consideration.

The elder of any clan will be that member that boasts the greatest reputation and is imbued with a select few administrative responsibilities.

Members are just ordinary players that happened to belong to a clan; they do not enjoy any special rights or responsibilities. Every player starts out as a clan member.

Hoppers’ is the name given to those players that keep skipping from one clan to another; there are nine different designations under which hoppers can be categorized. clash of clans hack

Clans can be closed (in which case no one can join at that given time), Invite only (where you have to meet a minimum requirement of trophies before you have the opportunity to send a request to join) or Open (where any player can join).


It is within the power of the leaders and co-leaders of a given clan to launch a war against other clans; when a clan makes its intentions to engage in war with another clan known, their foes are given one day of preparation and one day of war. The number of stars clan members earn during the war will depend upon the amount of destruction they can unleash against the opposing community.

The number of stars each side has at the end of the war determines the winner.

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